We bring you natural beauty, spirituality, health tips, and creative expression as the Spring begins to blossom. Look below for our new featured topics ↓


Organic-Shea-Butter-Renewal-Mask-350x526Winter is not a season that supports natural beauty. With brisk winds causing chapped lips, cracked skin and hair splits, it’s no wonder why people can’t wait for Spring! Read this exclusive interview with Mevelin Camacho, Founder of The Hair Klinik, and learn why using her products will save your hair from any damage it may have gone through in previous months – or years! And believe me when I tell you, the Organic Shea Butter Renewal Mask will rehydrate and replenish your hair as it did mine. I tried it for myself and couldn’t believe how quickly I saw results! Finally, I can proudly leave my hair loose instead of hiding it in a ponytail. Read more…

 “oUr “Inner Beauty” section is about maintaining our physical APPEARANCE WHILE NURTURING OUR SPIRIT, because OUR OUTER GLOW IS A REFLECTION of HOW WE FEEL WITHIN.”

– Jasmine Clemente


 Justin Toca & Monica Toca

The power couple to party with, shop from, and donate to for a cause!

raw-2Love is fearless, and when one chooses to love beyond the borders of themselves, then they’re in a position to inspire, uplift and create change where it’s needed. Take this power couple, Justin Toca and Monica Toca for example… This eccentric duo have established a quarterly themed tribal house party at NYC’s Cielo nightclub where they’ve raised donations to fund a children’s organization called The Ale Ale Foundation. Thus, they are giving back to their community while enjoying life together.

PartyAre they twin flames? Soul mates? Or just two love birds who were destined to meet for a greater purpose? Both were born worlds apart from each other with Justin having roots from Managua, Nicaragua and Monica from Dallas, Texas. And yet the two found each other in the NYC nightlife scene to later wed on July 14, 2013. Due to Justin’s heritage, he promoted Latin/Brazilian parties for over 20 years in some of the hottest clubs such as The Tunnel, Palladium, and Limelight just to name a few. And with Monica’s love for the Arts as a former Theater major and TISH NYU graduate, they combined their expertise and produced “The Toca Cielo Party”. Read more…


Michael Casiano’s first oil painting was the astrological sign “Aries Ram” back in 1990. It suits this Spring baby perfectly because his birthday is April 12th – the perfect date to enter the world as a predestined painter. If anyone understands numerology (the science of the soul) as much as the horoscope, then that means that he vibrates off of the number 3 which is all about shapes and colors. Nevertheless, this Artist, (born of Puerto Rican descent in Sunset Park, Brooklyn) draws his inspiration from his cultural ancestors with an appreciation for the spirit realms as the Native Americans and Taino Indians did.

In an era where new age philosophy is spreading across the globe, more and more people are embracing spiritual consciousness in various ways whether it’s through reading self-help books, traveling overseas to expand their horizons, and/or practicing meditation amongst other healthy activities. For Michael Casiano, his way of reawakening his ‘higher self’ is by returning to the canvas with a paint brush in hand after taking a fifteen year hiatus. Like food for the soul, his passion for painting reconnects him to a vital life force that makes him feel more purposeful through the positive messages that they convey. Furthermore, his talent has attracted opportunities for him to share his work at numerous art exhibits, galleries, and even perform live paintings at The Louie Vega Dance Ritual Annual Boat Ride, and WEPA NYC curated by Joann Jimenez & Antonio Ocasio where folks celebrate their heritage through music, drumming and dance. Read more…



EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE and artists are no exception! Although it’s been rumored that artists are selfish with their time and happen to be loners due to their need to constantly create, they too, like anyone else have a heart. In fact, its an artists sensitivity that inspires them to connect with their audience by drawing or singing something that penetrates into the soul. All great artists have this effect on people, and that’s why they become admired and famous. Songstress Christina Porcelli A.K.A. Wee Wee is no exception. A recently turned Reality TV Star on VH1’s hit show “DATING NAKED”, she found love by being truly vulnerable and authentic. Far from the superficial life of a Hollywood star, Wee Wee’s journey began by taking off all of her makeup and letting blind faith lead the way. Read more…


FlacoSkinnycynthia sepulveda caballero launches the 1st vegan coquito

If all it takes is one person to make a difference, then imagine what a family can do? Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero, a mother of three, has paved the way for her daughters to inherit greatness as they work closely together, moving and shaking within the Entertainment industry as brand ambassadors of Cynthia’s product “Flaco Coquito – The Skinny Coquito”

Have you ever noticed the genius marketing skills behind Pepsi commercials as they’d hire only the biggest celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Shakira and Britney Spears just to name a few? Well, in that same concept, Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero, has been making a huge impact in the indie art scene as today’s go-to-drink by connecting with several artists! The difference? Is that while Coquito is an alcoholic coconut flavored beverage popular within the Caribbean, most of mainstream America is still unfamiliar with it. You see, drinking Coquito is a huge tradition amongst Latino communities, especially around Christmas when relatives show up at your doorstop with a bottle to share. However, the cool thing about Flaco Coquito – The Skinny Coquito, is that it’s the first of its kind to be offered with vegan, organic and low fat options for the purpose of maintaining ones health. Read more…



Are you a struggling Artist who dreams of purchasing frequent spa treatments but realize that when spending approximately $150 per service, it breaks your pockets? Especially if you want to experience those services at least once a month, as oppose to just once a year? Well, here’s an idea!

We know how expensive investing into professional head shots, wardrobe, and websites can be, especially when most performance bookings are unpaid gigs that promise great exposure and serve as just another resume booster. But fear not; you can still afford the good life! Here’s how: Buy YOURSELF a bouquet of flowers for approximately $20 and just throw them into your own bath tub. (For extra pampering, spill some essential oil into the tub as well) It cuts cost dramatically, plus you don’t have to rush because there’s no appointment! You take the flower infused bath whenever you want to, for as long as you want to, in the comfort of your own home. Read more…



ACE_HOUSENATIONThe 49 year old Veteran house head DJ ACE HOUSE NATION (Host of ‘The Cookie Jar Show’ on www.prepartyradio.com) talks about his love for house music, and why this musical genre is therapy for the soul!

Tune in every Thursday from 6PM – 9PM Special extended listening session every LAST Thursday of the month from 6PM – 1:00AM READ FULL ARTICLE…



They say that true beauty comes from within. Gisela Alvarez, owner of the new vegan skincare line, MOGIMOUSSE, knows all too well that letting go of the past in order to embrace a brighter future is what helps to keep a woman’s glow alive.

Never would she have dreamed of becoming a successful female entrepreneur after leaving home at only sixteen years of age. Without parents, mentors or relatives, the determined (May 1st born) Taurus traveled from country to country as a true gypsy having lived in Paris, The Netherlands, Germany and England just to name a few. Read more…


Yoga is for everyone. Regardless of what profession you choose to pursue, practicing yoga will keep you grounded, centered, mentally alert, and emotionally happy. Not to mention, physically healthy…

Some thought that yoga might’ve been just a fad. But over the past decade, yoga studios continue to open up all over the country. This isn’t a practice about perfecting until one becomes a master. It’s a practice that honors your own intuition to exercise at your own pace. And when you’re on a spontaneous path such as show business, yoga will keep you feeling good throughout all of the up’s and down’s that you’ll encounter. Success comes and goes just like money. But yoga… yoga is getting you in touch with your deeper self so that no one can ever rob you of your joy, nor block your creative juices from flowing.


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