“The Hair Klinik” Founder Mevelin Camacho

“What you put inside of your body shows”, says Mevelin Camacho (Founder of The Hair Klinik).  “Your pores are absorbing all of the chemicals which changes your aura and energy field. This is why my products are completely organic.”

Organic-Shea-Butter-Renewal-Mask-350x526Without an excessive amount of ingredients, her line mainly uses cinnamon, honey and coconut oil (and more) that offers hydration, shine, and hair growth. Speaking for myself, I was pleasantly surprised after using the Organic Shea Butter Renewal Mask: For Extreme Hair Repair because it softened the dryness in my hair. I’m one of those “I can’t live without my hot iron to smooth out the frizzes”, but as we all know, hot irons cause some of the most damage to the hair. Someone even joked about me having to shave my head bald so I can begin again by growing out my natural hair… well… to be honest… It was my little sister who said to, because she had no fear in shaming me in that annoying yet lovingly sisterly way. But thank god for this mask because it’s truly a miracle in a jar!

Camacho, having Dominican roots, explained how she was the teen who bleached, highlighted and dyed her hair in every color of the rainbow from an early age. Red, purple, pink, you name it; she dared to be different. Having stayed on her native island one Summer, she learned secret recipes from her Abuelita (grandmother) that proved to save her hair from the stress each strand had been stripped down to. After playing around with these ingredients, (such as boiling cinnamon bark) she realized that there’s hope in healing the hair to bring it back to its natural beauty.

This is great news for any female to hear because the way we style our hair says a lot about our personality and how we present ourselves to the world. When we go to work in the morning, meet someone for a date or want to express ourselves shows in how we keep our hair. Hence, damaging our hair limits the potential of what we can do with it if it becomes harsh enough that we have to hide it in a tight bun.

“When your hair looks good, you feel good,” assures Camacho. “Every woman knows that when you come out of the salon with your hair freshly done, you wanna take on the world.” This leads into her next level of success which will be to open up her own salon ‘The Hair Klinik’ in the future. The goal is to always expand her business, just as she did growing up when she first began cooking recipes in her grandmother’s kitchen.

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