IV1On the world wide web, our audience is the globe! And what better way to begin this publication than in the largest melting pot in the world – New York City! However, although our roots began in the big apple, this is a quarterly magazine with content featuring artists from other major cities throughout the country – L.A., Miami, Chicago, etc. Hey! It’s a fact! We all come from different walks of life and true Artists celebrate that. So whether it’s a singer, actor, director, writer or painter, our chosen features challenge, provoke, teach, heal and share the love of the Arts in an authentic way. Thus, instead of exposing an Artists wounds and weaknesses through gossip columns whose sole purpose is to gain ratings and viewership, we prefer to uplift our readers with wholesome articles. Speaking of which! We even include health tips by featuring wellness professionals – because without conscious living, everyone diminishes. Namaste.


President of Inner Vibrations Magazine

Singer/Songwriter/Actress Jasmine Clemente

The year was 2010 when I sat in silence, listening to a little voice inside that pushed me to create something revolutionary in the Arts. I already had a background in music as a Singer/Songwriter in the dance club genre, but after acknowledging how some of my crazy behind-the-scene experiences have impacted me – both good and bad, I knew that I could relate to other Artists because I am one of them. It’s no secret that various types of Artists (Singers, Actors, DJ’s, Authors, etc) start out by expressing their true talents but then slowly begin changing their vision in order to survive in a multimillion dollar industry. “It’s a cut-throat business”, we’ve all heard. But did we forget that when looking back on history, it’s been a cut-throat world to begin with?

John Lennon gave our planet a gift when he wrote the lyrics to IMAGINE. In his song, he reminds us that all of our wars (religious, political, and economical) could end if our mass society just shifted our perceptions and points of views – and with this shift in consciousness, we could live in peace. Sharing similar views, I launched ‘Inner Vibrations Magazine’ as a platform for Artists to be seen and heard from their true core, expressing their thoughts and opinions, and explaining their true stories unfiltered from a higher outlook in a way that allows readers to really connect with them on a much, more humane level.


Chairman of Inner Vibrations Magazine

Actor/Screenplay Writer Jimmy Perry

After getting this magazine off the ground, I had a hard time maintaining it because I was juggling several projects as a Singer/Songwriter on top of embarking on an Acting career. Finally, with the help of an angel, I partnered up with Actor/Screenplay Writer Jimmy Perry who has become the Chairman of Inner Vibrations, overseeing the Inner Strength (Health) section of the magazine, and is also responsible for reviewing our annually financial budget as well as approving potential cross marketing opportunities.

Together, we bring to you a publication that celebrates every Artist’s true vision and voice. Whether they’re on top of their game or slipping on a slippery slope, we want to embrace the culture of art in all of it’s many wonderful facets from the make-up Artists who transform Models & Actors on video and movie sets, to the painters who draw canvases that decorate homes & offices, to even the dancers who choreograph electrifying performances for big concerts and cool events! Sign up for ‘INNER VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE’ today and get more than a dose of inspiration to remind you of why and how to utilize your natural talents to enrich your own life experience while adding value to other people’s lives with your creations!    


Photographer of Inner Vibrations

Photographer Katerina Koufalis

A graduate from Iona College, Katerina Koufalis, is recently earning stripes as an amazing photographer as she begins her journey working with a variety of companies, artists, and entrepreneurs around NYC.

Contributing Writer

Columnist of inhale music <> exhale life

Singer/Songwriter Heshima Moja

As a Singer/Songwriter, Heshima Moja, moves audiences around the world with his soulful voice, fiery bass work, and heartfelt songs and compositions. Heshima, is a dynamic Vocalist, Multi Instrumentalist, songwriter/composer, arranger, and producer who is pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. By drawing on influences ranging from Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton, and Marvin Gaye; to Marc Anthony, David Bisbal, Diego Torres, and Bobby Valentine, this amazing artist displays originality, depth and passion with his unmistakable blend of Soul/Jazz/and Latin Music.

Heshima has shared the stage, and/or recorded with some of the greatest names in the music industry including Patti Labelle, Quest Love, Rap Legend Guru, La India, Paoli Mejias, Marion Meadows, James Carter, Avery Sharpe, Grammy award winning latin Jazz composer/trombonist William Cepeda, Grammy  Producers Jason Miles(Miles Davis, Grover Washington, Sting)Rick Bacchus(Backstreet boys, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys), Grammy Award winning producer Edwin Ramos (Mary J. Blige, Angie Stone, Jodeci) and Joe Ferry (Jaco Pastorius and James Taylor), HBO’s Mahogany Brown, “Fidlaa” Owen Brown, just to name a few.

Heshima has written/composed music for film scores throughout latin America and Europe as well as music for Nickelodeon teen Network, and PBS.

Heshima released a stellar debut album as a leader, The Awakening in 2005 for the Souljourn Music. “The Awakening”, which was bombarded with rave reviews, combines classic jazz sensablities and Latin influences, with youthful fire, and originality, boasting some of Jazz’s finest voices including Avery Sharpe, and Marc Puricelli, and Tenor Giant Charles Langford, featured on many of Heshima’s breathtaking compositions, as well as vibrant arrangements of jazz classics.

Souljourn Music Group in conjunction with LC3 Entertainment has released the highly anticipated follow up to The Awakening , entitled Round and Round. Heshima along with one of the countries hottest producers Nick  Caudle,(Track Wizards)have produced  a new soul classic.


Contributing Writer

Jennifer Nicole

Yoga Instructor Jennifer Nicole


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