GiselaAlvarezThey say that true beauty comes from within. Gisela Alvarez, owner of the new vegan skincare line, MOGIMOUSSE, knows all too well that letting go of the past in order to embrace a brighter future is what helps to keep a woman’s glow alive.

Never would she have dreamed of becoming a successful female entrepreneur after leaving home at only sixteen years of age. Without parents, mentors or relatives, the determined (May 1st born) Taurus traveled from country to country as a true gypsy having lived in Paris, The Netherlands, Germany and England, just to name a few.

Gisela“I faced all kinds of adversities when I was a teen,” says Gisela. “So I understand why it’s so important for young girls dealing with abandonment issues to have good role models, even if it means that they’re watching them on TV or reading about them in books if they’re not within the home.”

Gisela knows that the launch of her new skincare line MOGIMOUSSE is more than just a product; it’s a lifestyle. Formed underneath her parent company Brooklyn Funk Factory Gisela aims to educate consumers about the brilliance of being eco-friendly, health conscious, and animal cruelty free.

However, the journey to success was not paved with gold. Moving to New York City with a mere fifty dollars in her pocket over fifteen years ago was a bold and courageous move, but one that was necessary for the beginning of a new life.

In the midst of juggling three jobs, she was eventually invited to bartend at some of the most popular nights clubs in Manhattan. The excitement of the nightlife scene brought friends, romance, and new opportunities for a fresh start.

As the years went on, Gisela got back on her feet as a  woman who made peace with her past. Then… as destiny would have it, true beauty called.

mogimousse_sheabutterIt’s no secret that women have to maintain their outer appearance to look presentable on job interviews, to look attractive on dates, and to express their personality through fashion. Nevertheless, Gisela had extra dry/dehydrated skin from all the different environments that she’d been exposed to, not to mention the stress that she’d been under years ago. Hence, it had become time for her to revitalize her natural beauty and pamper herself. After all, she deserved it!

Like most women, she shopped at all the malls and boutiques that sold expensive skincare products, believing that the higher the price, the better the quality that was worth the investment. But after trying several different brands, none of them seem to hydrate her skin. She was still feeling dry, still noticing wrinkles, and still not satisfied. That’s when she began doing her own research by reading books on natural remedies that featured a variety of essential oils and herbs that would hydrate the skin.

“My skincare company happened by accident,” says Gisela. “I just really wanted to heal my cracked skin and became obsessed with finding ways to do it on my own. It was either that, or buy products that had tons of parabens and poisonous ingredients in them.”

-1It took two years for Gisela to study, experiment, and measure the recipe perfectly for herself. The best part was learning how far back the usage of essential oils go and how many healing properties they have. Between curing headaches, rejuvenating the skin, and preventing illness, essential oils seem to be more effective than certain pharmaceutical products that carry toxicities to sustain shelf life.

Finally, Gisella was excited to have a rich cream that softens her skin, especially in the dryer months such as Winter. (And living in NYC can be pretty brutal) Filled with her favorite ingredient of them all – shea butter, MOGIMOUSSE, was born!

But wait! The kicker of this story is not only how one woman made it against all odds, but that the launch of her line was inspired by her friends who convinced her to turn it into a business. At first, Gisela only gave samples to her coworkers to try out for fun, but they loved it so much that they insisted it would do well on the market. Thanks to Gisela’s fierce determination, positive outlook and fighting spirit, the universe gave Gisela a second family in her friends and coworkers. And now with that same essence of unity and love, she is able to take her company and sell MOGIMOUSSE to a generation of women that chose to honor their natural beauty with healthy products and especially, a healthy attitude.


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