VH1’s “Dating Naked” Reality TV Star Q&A


The month of February is filled with romantic themes everywhere we turn. Cupid’s arrow finds us in chic flicks, love stories, hallmark cards and of course – the radio! With endless ‘love song’ countdowns for Valentine’s Day, how can we not think of the ones we love… or the ones who got away?

VH1’s hit reality TV show, DATING NAKED, staged an atmosphere of game contestants looking for love on an island while completely naked. No, not in bikini’s or swim shorts, but completely and utterly bare buck-ass naked! Of course the idea was to attract higher ratings, but to me it seems a little bit deeper than that. In a generation that has been over saturated with hiding our flaws through cosmetics, plastic surgery, photo shopping, hair extensions, special bra’s and body suits, I think it’s admirable to go on a date purely nude. It’s saying, “Take me as I am. Because I’m not going to pretend.”


Q&A with Reality TV Star

Christina “Wee Wee” Porcelli


QfvUFse6_400x400On the very first episode of Dating Naked, Christina Porcelli A.K.A. Wee Wee, stole the show with her natural beauty, charismatic charm, and down-to-earth personality. While there were other female contestants taking turns to win over the heart of the same man, Joe Pappas, it was Wee Wee’s good vibrations, positive spirit and true chemistry that beat them all to it. Needless to say, in the spirit of good old Valentine’s Day, let’s get the full scoop on how Wee Wee manifested true love without trying to be something that she’s not.

1) How did family and friends react after watching you go nude on public TV?

“People who I thought would judge the show surprisingly liked it! I was shocked. I think it’s because the concept of the show was about being natural and stripping down to who we really are without any material items, make-up, computers, social media profiles, dating websites, hiding behind text messages or any other types of technology. We had to let our guards down by being naked and even though it was weird at first, it became freeing. I remember being deathly afraid of what my parents would say, but my sister Co-Co insisted that she warn my father before he saw it on his own. Surprisingly enough, my parents loved it! Who would’ve thought? And till this day, my father tells people, ‘Have you ever watched the show Dating Naked? My daughter is Wee Wee!’ I think it’s so cute. He’s a proud papa. Yeah… people dig the show.”

2) Did you honestly believe that you would find love on Dating Naked, or was it a combination of wishful thinking mixed in with getting a free trip and some good television exposure?

LOABasicsBook-3D“You know what’s crazy? I started listening to Esther Hicks on YouTube about one year before I was chosen to be on Dating Naked. I started taking out books and listening to audio on ‘The Teachings of Abraham’ & how to apply The Law of Attraction into your life, and I really, really, really wanted to find love. I also kept saying, ‘I wish I could go away to an island and fall in love.’ But I never thought it would actually happen the way that it did! I just kept saying it over and over again. I guess I had wishful thinking… but it worked! What’s even crazier is that I had a dream that I met a younger guy on a beach, and this was way before I found the casting for Dating Naked. So I think in some weird way, by listening to Esther & Abraham Hicks, I must’ve attracted the casting for the show because I really did (and still do believe) that I can have anything I want. I really believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’, and even though it didn’t work out between me and Joe, we still fell in love with each other and started a relationship after the show. Unfortunately, it became hard to continue it because he lives in Long Island, NY and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Plus he’s a lot younger than me. But the bottom line is, the law of attraction works because I found love on an island and that’s what I wanted.”

3) How are some of the ways that being on the show changed your life?

“OMG! Even though I still happen to be single, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Of course I still want to find the right companion, but I’m so into my passion projects that I don’t think about it as much as I used to. The other thing I love is how many positive messages I receive in my facebook inboxes; they’re like fan mail. So many women write to me expressing how thankful they are that Joe picked me instead of someone else because he went for my personality. Not that I’m unattractive, but I didn’t use my sexuality to get a man. All kinds of women tell me that I’m an inspiration to them because the media hypes up external beauty more than emphasizing on how important having a good heart, a good sense of humor, and real integrity is. It makes me wanna cry sometimes because I’ve been seen in such a positive light. And to think? I used to be scared that being nude on TV could’ve damaged my image and reputation, but instead it did the opposite. People admired my courage and saw me for who I really am.”

4) When researching you, I noticed that you have some amazing music as an independent Artist (singer/songwriter). Did the producers of the show know this? How come it wasn’t mentioned on Dating Naked?

“I think the producers of Dating Naked wanted people to relate to me better if I was perceived as a regular girl and not someone using the show to get famous. I did mention that I was a singer on one of the segments, but they edited that part out. What most people don’t know is that I’m also a stand up Comedian, plus my sister and I have a passion project called The CoCo & WeeWee Show on YouTube. So far we’ve been getting a lot of hits and I’m sure my appearance on VH1 helped our popularity which is why I feel so blessed. It’s just one of the additional ways that being on the show has changed my life.”

5) Since you highly believe in ‘The Law of Attraction’, what is an affirmation that you’d like to share right now? Hopefully in the future, you can look back and see that it was written.

“I want to have a #1 sitcom or reality show on television and get married to a wonderful man, and win an emmy award with my family watching on TV! All of it’s gonna happen around the same time. I know it! I want to show that women can have it all. The career, the husband, and the family.”

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