Maya Goddess Juices

10470809_406982646117549_6590479447245819964_n Beauty comes from within. No wonder why “juice expert” Maya Chambers, who is a wellness coach, visionary and founder of Maya Goddess, exudes so much beauty. When we met for the first time in the West Village at Think Coffee, I knew right away who was responsible for creating Maya Goddess. Tall & sleek with a short ‘do, strong eyes with an inviting smile, a bold color red on her lips that just so happened to match the same hue on her nails, vibrant skin; beauty emanated from her. I introduced myself with confidence knowing that this was in fact Maya.


While we were on line choosing our style of hydration, (she chose cold and refreshing water, I chose a hot herbal tea,) Maya quickly apologized for pushing back the meeting time so that she could deliver a juice to one of her clients. Of course it did not cause a problem with me, I was super impressed. Like, hello she hand delivers… couldn’t wait to hear more.

Maya Goddess Juices

After finding a nice semi-quiet spot (it took a minute, we are in NYC after all) we sat, sipped and chatted for what seemed like minutes but were more like hours. This is when I discovered that her outer beauty was a reflection of her inner beauty.

Intrigued in how Maya Goddess came about we took it back, way back. Maya is a lovely blend of Latina roots. The women before her came from the islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain and Turks & Caicos, a Goddess for sure. However, the inspiration, the guidance and so much more came from her mother, aunt, and abuela (grandmother.) Maya was raised by three naturally beautiful women who were strong and educated; all having master degrees…even abuelas mom, Nana, she was the first Puerto Rican female teacher. Can we say ‘Wow’, definitely picking up the sense that Maya had a very empowering environment in which she was brought up in. No wonder why, Maya says

“Education is key, awareness is key…be that vessel, spread the awareness.”

It didn’t stop there, abuela being a vegan and practicing Tai chi for 40 years, influenced her dietary and over all well being habits. Maya describes her reasoning for her clarity is by

“eating raw food and being vegan you are able to strengthen the mind.”

Meditating and practicing yoga are one of the first things that is done in the morning along with saying what Maya is thankful for.

Farmers Market#3

Deepening her experiences Maya’s aunt influenced her with Buddhist beliefs and principles. Although being raised Catholic, even attending a catholic school Holy Family in Castle Hill, Bronx (yes, the same school as J.Lo and no they didn’t go at the same time) she sees herself as more of a free spirit.

“feeling one with nature and God.”

MayaHealthOh by the way, Maya shared that carrot juice is responsible for J.Lo’s nice glow and tan complexion. Definitely putting my order in with Maya Goddess. Especially now being the winter, I am as white as can be. Getting to the juicy part, oh how I love puns, Maya got into juicing because of her own health crisis. Although being relatively healthy, Maya too (only with friends) indulged in Domino’s and fast food in her teenage years. As a teenager Maya discovered she had uterine fibroids.

“Cant be bitter and jaded, must keep going”

became her motto. In her 20 ‘s questioning everything even her faith, being “tested” she was left with

“Nothing else to do but to pray.”

Maya GiftsResearching a more natural approach to treat her fibroids, she turned to her food as medicine. Maya constantly reminded herself of this:

“Forget how you feel and remember what you deserve.”

It was through prayer, juicing and a vegan diet that led to the nourishment of the soul, and that’s when the body began to heal. Plus lots of sleep, letting the magic happen.

In the same way that Maya treated her case, she will consult with you and get an overall sense of your needs for juicing. Then she will do some research, gather fresh seasonal organic produce from the local farmers market and create a blend that will best fit your needs. There’s not just one juice that fits all, nor is it like ‘hey let’s just blend everything together’.

“There’s a color code…you do not want to mix berries with citrus, it defeats the purpose.”

Not only does she deliver fresh custom made juices, but she also does smoothies. Maya was telling me about the yummy smoothie she whipped up for one of her clients who is expecting. And it doesn’t just stop there. She is also launching out fresh sauces. Being the Scorpio that she is, you can feel her passion. So much excitement, so much drive, Maya feels at her best and owes it all to juicing and a spiritual lifestyle.

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