Spoken Word Poet: Advocate of Wordz


AdvocateHow can an Atheist be considered a spiritually conscious person? Easy. When a man refuses to eat poison because he knows that he’s already filled with an organic knowledge of self that shouldn’t be tainted or manipulated with, is when you can say that a man is connected to his true center. “Question Everything,” insists the prolific Spoken Word Poet, Advocate of Wordz. “Even question authority.”

Bridging a world between the awakened and the unawakened, this artist skillfully enlightens his audience by dropping jewels guaranteed to stimulate minds. Not that he’s a Know-It-All, but his deep, driving desire to live with passion and purpose causes him to rebel against living comfortably within an imprisoned society. What this means is that he reads in between the lines of school text books, bibles and made man laws. Getting to the root of many causes, he challenges authority, unwilling to follow the flock simply because mainstream society has a popular way of doing things, be it as a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or a Democrat, Republican or U.S. Veteran, etc. The Poet is neither of these because he understands that he was born a free man, belonging to nothing and yet to everything.

From his very own mouth he says, “People are allowed to form their own opinions, but they’re not allowed to form their own facts.” With extensive knowledge in religious history, Latino and ethnic heritage, gender roles and sexism, and even American politics, Wordz may still be growing like the rest of us, but he’s become a master at delivering messages that have deep meaning and substance. “It’s important for people to know that I, myself, don’t idolize the messenger,” says Wordz. “I idolize the message. Human beings are so flawed, that I only hope to open them up so that they can communicate to each other more effectively through the content of my material that sparks curiosity.”

Advocate of Wordz doing some spoken word poetry

Nothing about his live performances are ever shallow. Sure, people like to laugh out loud, even fall off their seats from hysteria. And this lighthearted entertainer definitely knows how to excite his crowd! He’s an Actor at heart with a love for Theatre, but that doesn’t excuse him from playing any old character on stage. When this poet performs, he brings forth enlightenment, guaranteed to leave imprints on the soul. Which again, is exactly why he says, “Question everything.”

Adopting this philosophy of never being truly satisfied with the information he’s been given, leaves him questioning and questioning, and questioning every piece of truth until he unravels an even deeper truth which once discovered, cancels out the older truth. For this, he remains in a constant flow of evolving.

However, there is one heavy cross he bares that weighs him down from time to time, blurring his vision and blocking his momentum. And that is the pain of being separated from his only son.

Most people know Advocate of Wordz from featuring in major showcases such as the NuYoricans Poets Cafe, Capicu Open Mic and SLAM 101, but not many people know about his personal life. With respect to his privacy, Wordz is still kind enough to share just a few details of his situation due to the lack of resources not provided about parenting.

34141_107975002588255_100001272676235_58446_2725930_n“First things first. Life isn’t fair,” says Wordz. “We live in a society that likes to rip masculinity away by insisting that real men are intimidating, they fist fight, they play rough sports, they don’t cry, and they’re dominating. It’s no wonder we have so many broken men out there.” With that, he goes on to explain why men before him have made his current situation more difficult because so many women are scorned from past disappointments. For example, when his ex-girlfriend gave Wordz the option of legally walking out of their son’s life in order to alleviate him of stress (which meant stripping Wordz away from ever having to pay child support nor having any visitational rights), Wordz began to wonder what type of men would have viewed that as a relief? Although their relationship didn’t work out, he wanted to remain in his son’s life for the long haul, and refused to accept abandonment as his only option.

“We give props to good fathers who step up to the plate because not enough fathers are like that. But I shouldn’t get extra props for doing what I gotta do. It should just be a natural thing for us to do,” says Wordz. “And the truth of the matter is, children need both of their parents around regardless of what’s going down. Not that I’m taking anything away from single mothers who raise their sons alone, but there are certain things that a mother knows about women that a man doesn’t, and there are certain things that a father knows about men that a woman doesn’t, and a child needs a healthy balance of both.”

Coming in May, the poet will have his first self-titled book for sale, Advocate of Wordz, an Anthology of sorts with a collection of short stories, poems, and even popular facebook status quotes. It will be his life told through his own words, like a collage of memories, thoughts and creative insights. To keep up to date with this Artist, visit http://advocateofwordz.com/

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