Vegan Drink – Flaco Coquito

Flaco_CoquitoIf all it takes is one person to make a difference, then imagine what a family can do? Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero, a mother of three, has paved the way for her daughters to inherit greatness as they work closely together, moving and shaking within the Entertainment industry as brand ambassadors of Cynthia’s product “Flaco Coquito – The Skinny Coquito”.

Have you ever noticed the genius marketing skills behind Pepsi commercials as they’d hire only the biggest celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Shakira and Britney Spears just to name a few? Well, in that same concept, Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero, has been making a huge impact in the indie art scene as today’s go-to drink by connecting with several artists! The difference? Is that while Coquito is an alcoholic coconut flavored drink popular within the Caribbean, most of mainstream America is still unfamiliar with it. You see, drinking Coquito is a huge tradition amongst Latino communities, especially around Christmas when relatives show up at your doorstop with a bottle to share. However, the cool thing about Flaco Coquito – The Skinny Coquito, is that it’s the first of its kind to be offered with vegan, organic and low fat options for the purpose of maintaining ones health.

“Flaco Coquito is all about change and innovation,” says Caballero. “We are trendsetting, and we place a high value on maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is why my daughter, Elena Rosa, is the perfect face to represent this company because she’s very conscious of the way she eats and how she lives.”


Cynthia'sMOMSpeaking of change, while Caballero was pushing Flaco Coquito within the indie art scene, she formed a bond with gypsy soul singer, Edwin Vazquez, whom she worked closely with for a few years. Within that period, Edwin gave her daughter, Elena, vocal lessons while Cynthia managed and booked some of his performances. However, as life would have it, the inevitable occurred when it became time for Cynthia to lay her mother to rest after she passed away just this year.

“Losing a parent is horrible,” says Caballero. “Because it’s still fresh, it still feels unreal to me. There’s times that I wanna call her and then I forget that she’s not here anymore. But then I remember how she wouldn’t want me to wallow. She’d want me to press on. She’d want me to be happy.”

Shortly after their grandmother’s death, Elena Rosa, finally mustered up the courage to write her first song entitled “One Last Time” produced by Walter & Alpha Halvorsen (with background vocals by her sister Natalia) in memory of her grandmother which is scheduled to release this Summer.

“I remember how hard my mother worked for me so that I can take dance lessons, swimming lessons, and even have professional head shots. Through her example, I learned how to be a good mother to my own kids which is why I’m so proud of my girls when they get up on stage.”

1507198_10204826265672461_4003785248320498000_nJuggling life as a wife, mother, manager (to her daughter) and business entrepreneur is no easy feat, but this Puerto Rican warrior tackles everything with grace and style. Another upcoming event that she’s proud to participate in is this Summer’s Bronx Fashion Week curated by Flora Montes with special host La Bruja. It’s events such as this one where you’ll find a booth set up for delicious Flaco Coquito tastings. And you can’t miss them! The beautiful logo of the long haired brunette wearing a big, bright flower in her hair is a stunning eye catcher! Attractive bottles and jars that come in a variety of flavors is always a nice treat to have, especially in the kinds of environments you’ll find them in such as this fashion show.

“Again, Flaco Coquito is trendsetting,” says Caballero. “And I love what Bronx Fashion Week is about because instead of featuring the slim figured, 6 foot something industry standard which is also very beautiful but rare, they’ll be featuring everyday women that are average in height, and whom may be more curvacious or full figured. Thing is, not every woman looks like a tall super model so it’s unrealistic to view new designs on them. I also like how Bronx Fashion Week supports up and coming designers who are extremely talented but probably can’t afford to showcase their work in overpriced Manhattan.”

Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero is her name… So when you think of someone who is a mover & shaker in the art scene or just an over-all terrific person, think of her… and keep it healthy! It’s a lifestyle.

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