Art by Mia

Art by Mia

Switch from the term ‘Starving Artist’ to ‘Independent Artist’, and get to know a painter who educates women on how to finance their dreams and live in their own power!

Painter/Artist – Mia Roman

We often hear that Artists aren’t usually business savvy because they’re more focused on being creative. I love nothing more than to prove that this misconception is wrong when I meet successful Artists who, not only earn a great living doing what they love, but even have the wits to teach and empower others how to do the same! Meet, Mia Roman: A NYC born and raised world wide traveler, a curator of workshops and expo’s, and a spiritually enlightened painter that celebrates the victory of women through her vibrant work.

If you click on her website ArtsbyMia, you’ll journey into her colorful mind as you browse through various galleries of tropical pieces adorned throughout her site. And although each gallery exudes its own special unique flavor, the series that caught my personal interest most entitled Goddess and Warrior features several female deities that Mia chooses to acknowledge and honor such as Goddess Kuan Yin (Mother of Compassion & Healing), Goddess Saraswati, (Goddess of Knowledge, Music and the Arts) and Mia’s favorite, Goddess Kali Ma (Goddess of Birth and Death / The Womb & Tomb) plus many, many more.

“My studio is a sacred space for me,” says Mia. “When I’m in there painting, I truly put my soul into it and become one with my art.” Mia continues to explain that she enjoys painting women more than men for two reasons: One, because of how strongly her female relatives have impacted her life, and two, because of the incredible women whose crossed her path throughout her worldwide travels in parts of Europe, Spain, and even The Netherlands, to name a few.

6212“No matter how many children women bare, we still balance maintaining a family-home-life and going to work, sometimes as single mothers. No matter how unequal we’re treated economically by earning lower salaries, we still motivate ourselves as career women. No matter how much we fight to be respected, we’re still told to speak softer, to tame down, and to neglect our own needs by nurturing everyone else’s first,” Mia says. “And this is why women fascinate me because the oppression of us has been going on for centuries and centuries in every culture, and yet despite the struggle, we always overcome adversity. The diligence of women has truly made an impact in this world.”

Not only is Mia a fabulous painter, but because she is so passionate about the evolution of the female gender, she has put together a well thought-out series of workshops entitled, THE WEPA, which stands for “Women Empowerment Producing Advancement”. This is where she educates women about financing their dreams so that they don’t have to depend on the mercy of their husbands, boyfriends, father’s, or brushing it off to the side all together.

“There are so many women out there who don’t know about the many options we have for receiving money in addition to earning a weekly paycheck,” says Mia. “There’s abundant resources for funding that are not so obvious or popular, but they exist. There’s also beneficial ways to strategically manage the paycheck you do earn so that it’s not misused or squandered. But when certain women give up on their dreams or emotional and spiritual independence because they think that there’s not enough money for them to do what feels right, I just want to tell them, ‘You are a valuable contribution to this universe and you are entitled to this knowledge of wealth. Break the cycle of poverty and continue to be a part of this growing society by educating and empowering yourselves’. Educate a woman, and the whole community benefits.”

5611Listening to Mia talk was refreshing to say the least, because if you’re a woman who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you might be conditioned into believing that your circumstances will always be the same or if it’s improved, you might have a low satisfaction level because you’re grateful for the little gains, taught to not be hungry for more. It’s always a PLUS to be grateful because it can always be much worst, but the problem is when we become complacent, not wanting to grow out of our comfort zone to become bigger and better. As women, we’re naturally created to be sensitive caretakers because we’re biologically made to carry babies for nine months, but does that mean that we should allow men to be the aggressive decision makers throughout our entire lives? And are we so used to raising children, that we find ourselves raising full grown men instead of taking care of ourselves? Mia encourages women to become financially independent so that we don’t have to continuously rely on men to do what we want to do, whether that’s to go on a vacation to replenish our spirits, to open up our own company that we’ve dreamed of for years, to be single if we choose to leave an unhealthy relationship, to invest into our children’s future education, to buy new clothes so we can consistently look and feel good, to become home owners if we choose not to marry, to relocate to a different city or country if we feel like trying something new, etc. There are countless ways that money can support personal independence and it’s important that we get in on it.

20466A fun cool fact about Mia – her right hand wrist adorns a lotus flower tattoo with the Buddhist ‘OM’ symbol located slightly above it, reminding her to let go and breath during adversity. “I’m not attached to any one specific religion or modality,” says Mia. “I find beauty and truth in Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, and many other avenues of enlightenment and I consider myself to be spiritual.” She further states that the lotus flower represents strength because it arises from the mud. “The lotus flower is like the woman who starts out as a seed, grows roots, branches out, begins to blossom and then blooms within the light of day,” Mia quotes.


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