What’s Love Got To Do With It? Domestic Violence

Some people’s New Year resolutions are as simple as joining the gym, beginning yoga, quitting an addiction, switching careers, earning a College degree. (Okay, to be fair, some of those resolutions are hard to keep) But let’s be honest, one of the hardest resolutions to keep is leaving an abusive relationship, or deciding to overcome the battle scars from one. But with the new year ringing in, it may be time for a fresh start…

Whether you’re a professional Artist or not, almost everyone has experienced being in a toxic relationship. It happens to bankers, teachers, painters, real estate agents, singers – it can happen to any and everyone! Yet there’s a small difference between toxic and abusive relationships. Or is there?

When some people hear the word abuse, right away they think of physical violence. It’s seldom that people will consider emotional and verbal abuse just as seriously. Because physical violence can take away a human life or drastically change a person’s destiny by causing them to be paralyzed, the wounds that aren’t visible are hardest to prove, and yet, that’s how it all starts – with emotional and mental disrespect. Well, if you can avoid being killed or physically beaten, wouldn’t you like to stop it from the root? From the beginning?

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