Spoken Word Poet: Hebrew Mamita

Spoken Word Poet, Vanessa Hidary, A.K.A Hebrew Mamita

Before I introduce this spoken word poet to Inner Vibrations readers, you MUST SEE her video clip on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam first, which I gladly posted below. Then you’ll understand why my eyes swelled up with tears from an overwhelming feeling of love and compassion that compelled me to feature Vanessa Hidary A.K.A. Hebrew Mamita in this magazine. Her work, beliefs and lifestyle reflect an enlightened woman who is determined to break cultural stereo types, to bring people from all walks of life together, and to reveal the true colors of human beings beyond their ethnic race by celebrating their character.

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Art by Mia

Art by Mia

Switch from the term ‘Starving Artist’ to ‘Independent Artist’, and get to know a painter who educates women on how to finance their dreams and live in their own power!

Painter/Artist – Mia Roman

We often hear that Artists aren’t usually business savvy because they’re more focused on being creative. I love nothing more than to prove that this misconception is wrong when I meet successful Artists who, not only earn a great living doing what they love, but even have the wits to teach and empower others how to do the same! Meet, Mia Roman: A NYC born and raised world wide traveler, a curator of workshops and expo’s, and a spiritually enlightened painter that celebrates the victory of women through her vibrant work.

If you click on her website ArtsbyMia, you’ll journey into her colorful mind as you browse through various galleries of tropical pieces adorned throughout her site. And although each gallery exudes its own special unique flavor, the series that caught my personal interest most entitled Goddess and Warrior features several female deities that Mia chooses to acknowledge and honor such as Goddess Kuan Yin (Mother of Compassion & Healing), Goddess Saraswati, (Goddess of Knowledge, Music and the Arts) and Mia’s favorite, Goddess Kali Ma (Goddess of Birth and Death / The Womb & Tomb) plus many, many more.

“My studio is a sacred space for me,” says Mia. “When I’m in there painting, I truly put my soul into it and become one with my art.” Mia continues to explain that she enjoys painting women more than men for two reasons: One, because of how strongly her female relatives have impacted her life, and two, because of the incredible women whose crossed her path throughout her worldwide travels in parts of Europe, Spain, and even The Netherlands, to name a few.

6212“No matter how many children women bare, we still balance maintaining a family-home-life and going to work, sometimes as single mothers. No matter how unequal we’re treated economically by earning lower salaries, we still motivate ourselves as career women. No matter how much we fight to be respected, we’re still told to speak softer, to tame down, and to neglect our own needs by nurturing everyone else’s first,” Mia says. “And this is why women fascinate me because the oppression of us has been going on for centuries and centuries in every culture, and yet despite the struggle, we always overcome adversity. The diligence of women has truly made an impact in this world.”

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Inner Movie – Annabelle

 “Frights come as the spirits presented Annabelle at the Jeckyl and Hyde Club” 

Written by Ekaterini Koufalis    

ArtsbyMia – holding a candle at The Annabelle movie premiere.

annabelleposterIt was a night of excitement and suspense as everyone joined together on Sep­tember 23 at the Jeckyl and Hyde Club in Time Square, NYC. The event was a VIP opportu­nity introducing the “Annabelle” doll for everyone in anticipation for the movie coming out on October 3rd. For many people it seems like just another horror movie, but for many, especially in the Latino Culture, the movie comes with many symbols of spirits, and ritu­als that is kept close to them. 

The event was coordinated by George Torres of the Sofrito media group, who is also a representative for the Arenas Entertainment, Newline Cinema, and Warner Brothers entertainment. The room was filled with people from different worlds both cul­turally and industry. The Annabelle doll, remade by director James Wan was enclosed in a case ideally similar to the original case that the original Annabelle doll is found in the Warren Occult Museum in Moodus, Conneticut. Annabelle, (the doll in the movie) was remade to look scarier than the original Annabelle doll. The original Annabelle doll is a raggedy Anne doll, the one we all know and love.

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