The Healing Celebration Workshop

Time to celebrate yourself in letting go of hurt, pain, suffering, bitterness, fear, guilt, shame and whatever else is holding you back from creating and living the life you want.

Join me in this in depth life celebration workshop of healing, closure, forgiveness, love, acceptance and courage of who you are becoming!

You were created an accomplishment and greatness awaits you!! Are you ready to grab hold of your destiny, dreams and true self? Then get ready for an experience like no other as I assist you in practicing change, growth and pure realness within yourself!

Don’t be afraid to invest in YOU!! You are the most important investment and no longer just an option but PRIORITY!! We will dig deep within to find the root of what is holding you back!


If anyone is interested in promoting their business as well as adding products to The Healing Gift Bags for The Healing Project Workshop, please email me at for further information! will be more than happy to promote your business for the event as well as on my site.

Flower Infused Bath


Are you a struggling Artist who dreams of purchasing frequent spa treatments but realize that when spending approximately $150 per service, it breaks your pockets? Especially if you want to experience those services at least once a week or once a month, as oppose to being treated once a year? Well, here’s an idea!

We know how expensive investing into professional head shots, wardrobe, and websites can be, especially when most performance bookings are unpaid gigs that promise great exposure and serve as just another resume booster. But fear not; you can still afford the good life! Here’s how: Buy YOURSELF a bouquet of flowers for approximately $20 and just throw them into your own bath tub. (For extra pampering, spill some essential oil into the tub as well) It cuts cost dramatically, plus you don’t have to rush because there’s no appointment! You take the flower infused bath whenever you want to, for as long as you want to, in the comfort of your own home. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

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