Beatbox Fitness (Kickboxing for Health)

woman-skipping-beachWomen are miraculous creatures, goddesses whose feministic qualities dazzle our world through their ability to give, nurture, and provoke change. One of the best ways to continue supporting this gender is by promoting a healthy attitude and healthy lifestyle in diet and exercise. For without a strong physical body, sickness will limit our ability to reach our ultimate potential.
Try this new facility Beatbox Fitness for example.

Located inside of Midtown Manhattan’s Pearl Studios, is an all female kickboxing class that aids in building strength, endurance and vitality through the inspiration of live music! (Okay… so there isn’t a full house band, but that would be over crowded, right?) What we’re talking about is having real techno and house Dj’s pump up the music within a studio that inspires women to move their bodies without wanting to stop. We all know that exercising can get exhausting, especially if you’re new to it – people have a tendency of giving up when it gets too hard! So Beatbox Fitness made it fun by collaborating with real music lovers that spin some of today’s greatest hits and cool tunes!

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Maya Goddess Juices

10470809_406982646117549_6590479447245819964_n Beauty comes from within. No wonder why “juice expert” Maya Chambers, who is a wellness coach, visionary and founder of Maya Goddess, exudes so much beauty. When we met for the first time in the West Village at Think Coffee, I knew right away who was responsible for creating Maya Goddess. Tall & sleek with a short ‘do, strong eyes with an inviting smile, a bold color red on her lips that just so happened to match the same hue on her nails, vibrant skin; beauty emanated from her. I introduced myself with confidence knowing that this was in fact Maya.


While we were on line choosing our style of hydration, (she chose cold and refreshing water, I chose a hot herbal tea,) Maya quickly apologized for pushing back the meeting time so that she could deliver a juice to one of her clients. Of course it did not cause a problem with me, I was super impressed. Like, hello she hand delivers… couldn’t wait to hear more.

Maya Goddess Juices

After finding a nice semi-quiet spot (it took a minute, we are in NYC after all) we sat, sipped and chatted for what seemed like minutes but were more like hours. This is when I discovered that her outer beauty was a reflection of her inner beauty.

Intrigued in how Maya Goddess came about we took it back, way back. Maya is a lovely blend of Latina roots. The women before her came from the islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain and Turks & Caicos, a Goddess for sure. However, the inspiration, the guidance and so much more came from her mother, aunt, and abuela (grandmother.) Maya was raised by three naturally beautiful women who were strong and educated; all having master degrees…even abuelas mom, Nana, she was the first Puerto Rican female teacher. Can we say ‘Wow’, definitely picking up the sense that Maya had a very empowering environment in which she was brought up in. No wonder why, Maya says

“Education is key, awareness is key…be that vessel, spread the awareness.”

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Actor & Cyclist – Luis Antonio Ramos


Luis Antonio Ramos Cycles To Success

LouisAntonioRamosYou may have seen Actor, Luis Antonio Ramos, in a series of Hollywood films including Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, Sea of Love with Al Pacino, and a horror movie called The Ruins. But his credits don’t stop there. Also featured in a string of hot TV shows such as Friends, The Shield, Alias, CSI: Miami, and Burn Notice, this Bronx born native, Puerto Rican entrepreneur has been consistently active in a rather pretty flaky industry.

Due to the high’s and low’s that stardom often brings, Ramos knew that his sanity lied in self-discipline. And although most actors are stigmatized for their free spirited nature (because they flee from pursuing 9 to 5 jobs) Ramos found a dependable activity that actually served his spontaneous career: Cycling.

“My motive for cycling is that it mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepares me for my work. It keeps me clear headed and ready to go at a moments notice,” says Ramos. When call backs are unpredictable, scene locations are sporadic, and work days are between 12 to 14 hours, it makes sense that one would need to have a good amount of stamina and endurance to remain alert.

LuisCycling2Luckily for this intelligent fella, his healthy lifestyle began slowly budding as early as the 80’s when he’d ride his bike beyond the borders of his Bronx barrio just to expand his horizons. Well, as fate would have it, after cruising through Central Park one summer afternoon, he got the buzz, heard the call, and felt the roar! As a swarm of about 150 cyclists rode passed him, Ramos said to himself, I wanna ride with that pack. One year later, he did.

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