Spoken Word Poet: Hebrew Mamita

Spoken Word Poet, Vanessa Hidary, A.K.A Hebrew Mamita

Before I introduce this spoken word poet to Inner Vibrations readers, you MUST SEE her video clip on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam first, which I gladly posted below. Then you’ll understand why my eyes swelled up with tears from an overwhelming feeling of love and compassion that compelled me to feature Vanessa Hidary A.K.A. Hebrew Mamita in this magazine. Her work, beliefs and lifestyle reflect an enlightened woman who is determined to break cultural stereo types, to bring people from all walks of life together, and to reveal the true colors of human beings beyond their ethnic race by celebrating their character.

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Art by Mia

Art by Mia

Switch from the term ‘Starving Artist’ to ‘Independent Artist’, and get to know a painter who educates women on how to finance their dreams and live in their own power!

Painter/Artist – Mia Roman

We often hear that Artists aren’t usually business savvy because they’re more focused on being creative. I love nothing more than to prove that this misconception is wrong when I meet successful Artists who, not only earn a great living doing what they love, but even have the wits to teach and empower others how to do the same! Meet, Mia Roman: A NYC born and raised world wide traveler, a curator of workshops and expo’s, and a spiritually enlightened painter that celebrates the victory of women through her vibrant work.

If you click on her website ArtsbyMia, you’ll journey into her colorful mind as you browse through various galleries of tropical pieces adorned throughout her site. And although each gallery exudes its own special unique flavor, the series that caught my personal interest most entitled Goddess and Warrior features several female deities that Mia chooses to acknowledge and honor such as Goddess Kuan Yin (Mother of Compassion & Healing), Goddess Saraswati, (Goddess of Knowledge, Music and the Arts) and Mia’s favorite, Goddess Kali Ma (Goddess of Birth and Death / The Womb & Tomb) plus many, many more.

“My studio is a sacred space for me,” says Mia. “When I’m in there painting, I truly put my soul into it and become one with my art.” Mia continues to explain that she enjoys painting women more than men for two reasons: One, because of how strongly her female relatives have impacted her life, and two, because of the incredible women whose crossed her path throughout her worldwide travels in parts of Europe, Spain, and even The Netherlands, to name a few.

6212“No matter how many children women bare, we still balance maintaining a family-home-life and going to work, sometimes as single mothers. No matter how unequal we’re treated economically by earning lower salaries, we still motivate ourselves as career women. No matter how much we fight to be respected, we’re still told to speak softer, to tame down, and to neglect our own needs by nurturing everyone else’s first,” Mia says. “And this is why women fascinate me because the oppression of us has been going on for centuries and centuries in every culture, and yet despite the struggle, we always overcome adversity. The diligence of women has truly made an impact in this world.”

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Michelle Rivera


Soulful House Singer, Michelle Rivera, begins her career with a gentle push from an Angel in Heaven.

Most would agree that music is a universal language; especially when certain instrumental rhythms pull people onto the dance floor regardless of what color or creed they are. While dancing the stress away, strangers experience ‘togetherness’, jolting their bodies beside fellow party goers. For some, it’s an escape from the pressures of mundane responsibilities as they set their spirit free to ride the waves of exhilarating sound and vibration, and yet for others, (such as professional DJ’s & Singers) creating music is a way of life that becomes as natural as breathing. 

The beautiful songstress Michelle Rivera wasn’t always a professional Singer/Songwriter who entertained club crowds and music lovers. In fact, she humbly admits that although her new dance singles “Live It” and “Breaking These Chains” are rapidly climbing the charts on TraxsourceBeatport, she’s still just getting used to the idea of calling herself an “Artist” because she’s so new to this part of her life’s journey.

Where some Artists have had a head start since childhood or early adulthood like Beyonce, Michael Jackson and many more, Michelle Rivera, had an epiphany to pursue her dreams at an age when most people (especially women), are ready to give up after 40 if they’re not already established in this field. However, for Michelle, it was different. Her divine timing came shortly after mourning the death of her good friend Vivian Rivera to Cancer in 2011.

“I remember her telling me, ‘Sing! Sing! Sing!’ during her last days here,” says Michelle. “She had been a Singer/Songwriter herself and performed. I was the one who grew up shy and didn’t really spread my wings until later on in life. A lot of it had to do with Vivian encouraging me even in some of her weakest conditions. She’d tell me, ‘If it makes you happy then what are you waiting for? The time is now while you’re alive. Go sing!'” 

In addition to Michelle’s over night success in the soulful house industry, she continues to pass on the torch in memory of her friend Vivian (who coincidentally shares the same last name ‘Rivera’) in her interviews and even in some of her live performances, such as singing a cover of Vivian Rivera’s last song called ‘Chosen’ at a fundraiser.

While Vivian battled her illness (which began with Breast Cancer until spreading into brain Cancer), she found the strength to use her experience as a tool to spread a message of unconditional love to others. In this video, you can see a small clip of her tenacity to go on living and giving hope to others who’ve suffered from the same disease.

It’s because of life experiences such as those that inspired Michelle to write song lyrics such as ‘Live It’ produced by Todd Terry on Inhouse Records where she expresses her views on living positively. “They need to believe in love, They need to believe in love. Live it. Love and life. They need to let go of all the hating inside,” she sings.

“I’m at a point in my life where I don’t wanna waste any more time on drama, negativity and jealousy,” says Michelle. “And when you realize how precious life is because of how easily time slips away during someone’s death, you want to embrace as much light and positivity as you can.”

With such an enlightening attitude to have, it’s no wonder that her career is moving with such grace and harmony. After teaming up with Producer/Dj Saliva Commandos, on their hit single Breaking These Chains, the vocalist has been quickly gaining faithful fans and followers as they soak up the positive lyrics encouraging listeners to live life on their own terms. Who wouldn’t dance to that? In fact, the singer says that despite being over 40, she’s doing what she wants to do and loves – absolutely loves – inspiring women not to give a damn about what other people think if they want to do something. Michelle says, “A lot of people after 40 start thinking, ‘What the hell am I gonna do now?’ But to be completely honest, I feel more beautiful today then I ever did in my early twenties and it’s because I’m doing me.” She giggles before continuing, “I’m just getting started.”

A follow up to her two dance singles, “Live It” and “Break These Chains”, is new music which is currently being produced by Benji Candelario and Charo Velecio. Still unreleased, be on the look out for more projects to be announced soon because this singer isn’t going anywhere! Please visit www.michelleriveramusic.com