Inner Peace – White Sage



To Purify The Mind, Body & Home

Like most things in life, we usually try out a new thing due to word of mouth. For me, it was burning white sage – the real kind. Lighting incense and candles to create a peaceful vibe in my home was all too familiar and routine. I even lit up essential oils to exude a powerful fragrance which calmed my nerves as I inhaled cinnamon, jasmine, peppermint and vanilla, just to name a few. But eventually, in the midst of casual conversations amongst friends, I was told by many, that I had to burn white sage. 

Before purchasing yet another item from the calming oasis of aromatherapy, I decided to do my research on good-old Google to get the facts behind this popular product. To my surprise, its golden reputation became more than just a must-have for the house, but it opened up doors down a curious pathway to ancient folklore legends.

Burning authentic white sage to purify the atmosphere has been practiced in all 4 corners of the world dating back to the Native American Indians. In addition, it’s also used in temples, masques and churches where various religious sectors pray and/or meditate. When people of various ethnic backgrounds and different walks of life agree on using the same item for the same purpose, you have to admit, there must be some proof as to how magical this stuff really is. History has it that white sage was also used as an herbal medicine to heal the sick by witch doctors before hospitals existed. And till this day, white sage is sold world wide for people to purify their homes, offices, and/or to cleanse themselves from any negative energies they might’ve absorbed from previous encounters.

White sage is a mood lifter, a purification, a form of protection, and an herbal medicine. For this reason, if you’re anything like me – someone who’s home or creative space is adorned with tea lights, essential oils, incense and fragrance sprays – then you may be ready to take it up a notch and use the one item (white sage) that will raise your frequency as you place your hands above the thick patch of smoke and allow it to cleanse you. I’m speaking from experience… On a day that I received some bad news and felt a headache forming from anger and disappointment, I burned my white sage and couldn’t believe how heavenly it worked. This stuff really works.