Beatbox Fitness (Kickboxing for Health)

woman-skipping-beachWomen are miraculous creatures, goddesses whose feministic qualities dazzle our world through their ability to give, nurture, and provoke change. One of the best ways to continue supporting this gender is by promoting a healthy attitude and healthy lifestyle in diet and exercise. For without a strong physical body, sickness will limit our ability to reach our ultimate potential.
Try this new facility Beatbox Fitness for example.

Located inside of Midtown Manhattan’s Pearl Studios, is an all female kickboxing class that aids in building strength, endurance and vitality through the inspiration of live music! (Okay… so there isn’t a full house band, but that would be over crowded, right?) What we’re talking about is having real techno and house Dj’s pump up the music within a studio that inspires women to move their bodies without wanting to stop. We all know that exercising can get exhausting, especially if you’re new to it – people have a tendency of giving up when it gets too hard! So Beatbox Fitness made it fun by collaborating with real music lovers that spin some of today’s greatest hits and cool tunes!


KickIn this day and age where Cancer is spreading like wild fire, infertility issues are rising, and pro-choice is still controversial, it’s imperative that women do everything they can to maintain the overall health of their temple. We also can’t deny that mature women are looking better than ever these days – whether it’s through botox, intense skincare, or being more health conscious by going vegan and using organic products, etc. More and more women are embracing their beauty and independence at all ages, and no longer feeling pressured to ‘let it all go’ by 40 or 50. Countless women are rocking solid bodies while pursuing and maintaining great careers, earning degrees, owning properties, and breaking stereotypes as they climb the ladder of success in a variety of industries. Because of this, we have to take care of our physical health, to ensure that diseases don’t find a way of deterring our progress.
When we join facilities such as Beatbox Fitness we work out with a group of women that support the energy flow of good health. These kickboxing groups strengthen cardio, help tone your muscles, tighten skin, burn fat, and enhance your confidence level as you leave feeling empowered to truly take over the world! Will you let the world break you down? Or will you fight back to win?

Beatbox Fitness is a place where women are encouraged to let the music and lyrics open their minds while their bodies follow the rhythm of vitality. Knowing that we can conquer anything, become whoever we want, and make a real difference starts first with self. When Dj’s enter the room, remember, it’s time to party, work out, and celebrate your womanhood!

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