Ancestors of Art – Michael Casiano

MichaelCasianoANCESTORS OF ART – The Taino Way

Michael Casiano’s first oil painting was the astrological sign’s “Aries Ram” back in 1990. It suits this Spring baby perfectly because his birthday is April 12th – the perfect date to enter the world as a predestined painter. If anyone understands numerology (the science of the soul) as much as the horoscope, then that means that he vibrates off of the number 3 which is all about shapes and colors. Nevertheless, this Artist, (born of Puerto Rican descent in Sunset Park, Brooklyn) draws his inspiration from his cultural ancestors with an appreciation for the spirit realms as the Native Americans and Taino Indians did.

aries2In an era where new age philosophy is spreading across the globe, more and more people are embracing spiritual consciousness in various ways whether it’s through reading self-help books, traveling overseas to expand their horizons, and/or practicing meditation amongst other healthy activities. For Michael Casiano, his way of reawakening his ‘higher self’ is by returning to the canvas with a paint brush in hand after taking a fifteen year hiatus. Like food for the soul, his passion for painting reconnects him to a vital life force that makes him feel more purposeful through the positive messages that they convey. Furthermore, his talent has attracted opportunities for him to share his work at numerous art exhibits, galleries, and even perform live paintings at The Louie Vega Dance Ritual Annual Boat Ride, and WEPA NYC curated by Joann Jimenez & Antonio Ocasio where folks celebrate their heritage through music, drumming and dance.


As Michael Casiano embarks on such a vibrant path within the Arts community, we decided to give him a Q&A for everyone to see why his passion is so conducive to his well being – and maybe even yours!

INNER VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE: How do you believe Art influences the observer? And how do you want your specific Art to influence or inspire?

MICHAEL CASIANO: Many of my pieces have spoken to the buyers and observers who had amazing thoughts to share and some happened to be Artists themselves. I try to inspire those who are creatively talented by encouraging them to never stop and to just “keep creating” as it was told to me; Artist to Artist. My goal has always been to inspire people through my creations and that is why I share my work with the world, hoping that they are able to feel, understand and see my true spiritual vision.

INNER VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE: Describe one of your most spiritual pieces? What is the name of it? And what inspired you to paint/create it?

MICHAEL CASIANO: I would have to say that all my pieces are spiritual in their own way. There is no comparison to the spiritual meaning of each painting. Each piece has been created through the energy of music or the spoken words of an individual that has seen my vision and described their thoughts. I always found that to be a blessing, to be able to channel into someone’s mind through my paintings. Also, Taino Indian and Native American culture inspire me greatly to create.

INNER VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE: What are some spiritual practices that you do to keep yourself grounded, clear and focused on being the best Artist you can be?

MICHAEL CASIANO: What I paint is who I am and what I believe, and that in itself keeps me grounded. I do meditate before I touch a canvas and I burn pure sage when I feel the need to. In fact, I feel that my Taino ancestors have spiritually guided me through my art experience, giving me the visions to share on canvas. As nothing is ever planned when I paint; I just paint what I feel in the moment.

INNER VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE: What awards or art galleries have you been a part of and which was your FAVORITE – most memorable experience?

MICHAEL CASIANO: I was able to hold my own art exhibition event in downtown Brooklyn at The Salsa Salsa Dance Studio where over 150 people attended. This had to be the most memorable event because it was something I could call my own since I organized it. What’s even better is that I was surrounded by many who have supported my work and have believed in me from the start. I sold most of my pieces that night, and the thought of knowing that some of my pieces were going to hang on someone’s wall at home or office space made me feel extremely blessed and excited! That’s when I knew I had to push forward and continue with new ideas.

INNER VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE: After you pass away, what would you like to be most remembered for?

MICHAEL CASIANO: Art is my passion, and I would want to be remembered as The Taino Spiritual Artist that has touched the souls of many through my visions and creations. I also want to be remembered as a true person who appreciates all art forms, respects native culture and what I represent: The Taino Way.

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