The Word H.E.A.L.I.N.G

H means Health – which is the source of how you are creating the life you are choosing to live

E means Energy – which is the source of what you are putting into the universe and the attitude you are displaying within yourself and towards others that can be positive or negative

A means Acceptance/Approval – which is the source of your thoughts, words and actions in how you are choosing to allow yourself, as well others make you feel about your life

L means Love – which is the source of your emotions whether you are choosing to be peaceful and happy with closure or miserable and broken, and not ready to heal

I means Intuition – which is the source for the decisions, avoidance, mistakes and regrets you will experience be it good or bad, but knowing that it is never too late for new beginnings

N means New – which is the source for starting over, beginnings, opportunities, potential, leaps of faith, capabilities and confidence within yourself

G means Gratitude – which is the source of why you wake up in the morning with purpose and ambition to want to achieve more tomorrow than you did today and doing your best to take yourself to the next level because you know life is too short and time is of the essence

Dhylles “The Coaching Cupid” Davis
Transformational Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/
Author of “Your Life Your Purpose No Explanations!”


“I coach individuals to independently practice healing, closure, forgiveness, self-love and acceptance in order to fall in love with their lives again.

Contact Dhylles for bookings, appearances, free consultation and subscription for daily affirmations!

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