The Healing Journey by The Coaching Cupid

The Healing Journey


“I would put on my make up and do my hair while looking in the mirror and saw nothing and felt nothing. I would get dressed and hit the streets like it had my name written all over it. I was scared to be home alone with my thoughts, especially since I chose to inflict wounds of pain and suffering upon myself every time I stepped out and connected with someone who I knew was wrong for me. It was a drug I craved where getting that attention I could not give myself was concerned. It took me to hit rock bottom and feeling like I was drowning and going crazy with the thoughts of taking my own life. Every form of liquid around me was for the taking into my mind, body, and soul because my heart no longer wanted to feel pain and heartache. Fortunately for me, I knew how to use my voice and ask for the help I so desperately needed and the most high heard my cries. I realized I did value my life is some small way and I owed it to myself to improve the quality of which I was living, and had to stop being fearful in order to face myself. It was was a long aggravating process but I knew I could no longer give up on me because I was put here for a purpose that was deeper than my own understanding. I chose to slowly transform my thinking, actions and how I spoke to myself and about myself. I chose to speak life and live life in order for the universe to respond back to me in a powerful and encouraging way, and I am walking towards a brighter future with peace, happiness and freedom!

Dhylles “The Coaching Cupid” Davis
Transformational Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/
Author of “Your Life Your Purpose No Explanations!”
“I help transform individuals from being victims into becoming victors in order to fall in love with their lives again!”
Inspirational Writer for Inner Vibrations Magazine:
Contact Dhylles for bookings, free consultation and subscription for daily affirmations!

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