The Healing Affirmation

Affirmation of the Day: Are you living your full life’s potential today? Are you doing everything in your power to find peace and happiness or are you still running from yourself? Time is flying by so quickly that when you choose to make change happen it may be too late. Change is definitely scary but you will never know what it is like to be at peace and in full happiness if you don’t even try to take that leap of faith. Today is the right time to make change happen. Why wait for tomorrow or the next day to do and live your best? Every second in your life counts! Time is a very important investment to make within yourself more than materialistic things or in what others are doing. How are you investing your time?

Dhylles “The Coaching Cupid” Davis
Transformational Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/
Author of “Your Life Your Purpose No Explanations!”

“I help transform individuals from being victims into becoming victors in order to fall in love with their lives again!”

Contact Dhylles for bookings, free consultation and subscription for daily affirmations!

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