Dhylles “The Coaching Cupid” Davis

LifeCoach_DhyllesAs a young girl, Dhylles, was the go to person that people entrusted with their thoughts and inner secrets. Dhylles was told that her input and insight truly helped and has always been life changing. No matter what the situation, Dhylles, was always willing and able to assist anyone who needed a listening ear with a humble heart.

Dhylles realized six years ago once she found herself that she has always been a life coach but in order for her to have come to that realization, she had to do some real soul searching and self-discovery of her own. She had to take accountability and responsibility for the mistakes and regrets she created in her past. Dhylles decided to make positive changes and went through the process of self-love, acceptance, approval and most importantly self-forgiveness in order to obtain healing and closure.

Dhylles has been coaching for the last twenty years and it is truly a God given gift that she can do it so naturally and effortlessly. It is a passion and dream that she has made into a reality, using her gift as a way of helping others find peace and happiness. Dhylles Davis is also known as “The Coaching Cupid©” who helps people fall in love with life again which was created by her wonderful husband who is truly supportive and proud of the woman she has become.

Dhylles’s coaching style is based on her own experiences as well as life’s trials and tribulations in order to be relatable to her clients in offering them relief in knowing they are not alone. Dhylles endured and survived all forms of abuse at an early age and was able to become better (not bitter) in order to follow her dreams and passions of life coaching. Dhylles knows all the signs and symptoms of abuse, depression, self-sabotage and not feeling worthy as she experienced it firsthand. Dhylles made sure she did her work in order to get to a place of peace and happiness within herself. Her love for God has made her wise, powerful and courageous enough to not allow her past, trials and tribulations to stop her from becoming her best.

Dhylles practices and lives by her own slogans of “We were all born accomplishments” and “Every day in life is a new beginning!” as well as “Live in your legacy instead of leaving a legacy”

Her goal is to inspire and motivate as many lives as she possibly can in helping people practice perfecting their imperfections in order to obtain self-love, peace, happiness and purpose.

Dhylles coaches individuals in discovering their life’s purpose, personally and professionally, in order to obtain peace and happiness within.​ Her goal is help her clients realize they are valuable, important and authentic in being who they are as well helping them to perfect their imperfections. Dhylles strives to build a positive trusting relationship with her clients in order for them to be comfortable with her as their life coach in order to obtain resolutions and revelations within themselves to help them move forward in their lives.

Dhylles is valuable, beautiful, powerful, humble, intelligent, confident, strong, funny, imperfect, curvy, honest, trustworthy, unique, compassionate, survivor of child abuse and one of God’s children. Dhylles is married to an amazing man who she is blessed and proud to be called his wife. Dennis Davis has truly been an absolute blessing and has shown her unconditional love, support, peace and happiness where she is able to be her best daily without any excuses or explanations. Every day with Dennis is a complete joy for Dhylles as he is the perfect man and keeps her balanced in all life situations.

Dhylles has recently become an author writing her first book entitled “Your Life Your Purpose No Explanations” which can be purchased on amazon.com as well as paperback. Dhylles has also written a blog (www.startlivingstopexisting.com) which uses to express everyday life trials and tribulations for her fan and followers to realize and know that she struggles in life as well but with determination and confidence anything can be successfully overcome. She has received countless awards and has been on the cover as well as featured in magazines such as Bronze Magazine, Queen Size Magazine, Ebony Magazine and other publications as well as blogs.

Dhylles Davis, Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur Consultant and proud to call herself a Life Changer!

Dhylles ” The Coaching Cupid” Davis
Transformational Life Coach-Motivational Speaker-Self Published Author
The Coaching Cupid – “I help transform individuals from being victims into becoming victors in order to all in love with their lives again!”
For Bookings, A FREE Consultation & to receive daily uplifting affirmations please subscribe to thecoachingcupid@gmail.com

One thought on “Dhylles “The Coaching Cupid” Davis

  1. Veronica Taileur says:

    @Coaching Cupid Davis your inner Strength can move mountains. You have a gifted soul. Your words are inspiring with each phrase
    I believe in feeling words and your words have meaning..


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