Inner Movie – Annabelle

 “Frights come as the spirits presented Annabelle at the Jeckyl and Hyde Club” 

Written by Ekaterini Koufalis    

ArtsbyMia – holding a candle at The Annabelle movie premiere.

annabelleposterIt was a night of excitement and suspense as everyone joined together on Sep­tember 23 at the Jeckyl and Hyde Club in Time Square, NYC. The event was a VIP opportu­nity introducing the “Annabelle” doll for everyone in anticipation for the movie coming out on October 3rd. For many people it seems like just another horror movie, but for many, especially in the Latino Culture, the movie comes with many symbols of spirits, and ritu­als that is kept close to them. 

The event was coordinated by George Torres of the Sofrito media group, who is also a representative for the Arenas Entertainment, Newline Cinema, and Warner Brothers entertainment. The room was filled with people from different worlds both cul­turally and industry. The Annabelle doll, remade by director James Wan was enclosed in a case ideally similar to the original case that the original Annabelle doll is found in the Warren Occult Museum in Moodus, Conneticut. Annabelle, (the doll in the movie) was remade to look scarier than the original Annabelle doll. The original Annabelle doll is a raggedy Anne doll, the one we all know and love.

Cynthia Sepulveda Caballero (Owner of Flaco Coquito) & Edwin Vasquez (Singer/Songwriter)

It was madness as the photographers and reporters surrounded the area awaiting the unveiling of Annabelle. Many people attended, reporters such as “NYC Talking” Angel Rodriguez, photographers, models, comedians such as Cypress “Madame ­ Bullet” Nieves, and singers which included Edwin Vazquez with manager (and Flaco Coquito owner) Cynthia Sepulveda­ Caballero. “I felt nervous and scared, yet curious all at the same time” said Caballero as she waited for the unveiling of the creepy doll.

The doll was unveiled by Tony Amendola, the actor who plays the priest in the movie, as well as Isaac Cuervas media representative for the Arenas Public Relations group.


SantosCandlesAt the event there were two rituals being done, the first was a protection ritual that protected the audience from the evil spirits that would come from the unveiling of Annabelle. After the Curandero “healer” casted the protection ritual, he proceeded to the altar table in which he can cast cleansing rituals for whoever wanted to have their aura cleansed of any negative spirits. The Altar was made by Mia Roman of Arts By Mia. The altar contained different items, the white candle which was a symbol for purity, and life; the red candle which was a symbol for strength. The Deer roof rattle which is used for curing and they are usually worn by shamans or witch doctors, and the eggs which sym­bolize for a new life.

Viewing the altar left me mesmerized. It was so beautiful it would be something you would never have seen outside of your home. Being of Greek descent, my culture never really believed in Curanderos and cleansing rituals. Watching the Curandero per­form the ritual, waving a bandana in the air while the woman beside him held candle lights, was a very spiritual moment for me. 

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