Actor & Cyclist – Luis Antonio Ramos


Luis Antonio Ramos Cycles To Success

LouisAntonioRamosYou may have seen Actor, Luis Antonio Ramos, in a series of Hollywood films including Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, Sea of Love with Al Pacino, and a horror movie called The Ruins. But his credits don’t stop there. Also featured in a string of hot TV shows such as Friends, The Shield, Alias, CSI: Miami, and Burn Notice, this Bronx born native, Puerto Rican entrepreneur has been consistently active in a rather pretty flaky industry.

Due to the high’s and low’s that stardom often brings, Ramos knew that his sanity lied in self-discipline. And although most actors are stigmatized for their free spirited nature (because they flee from pursuing 9 to 5 jobs) Ramos found a dependable activity that actually served his spontaneous career: Cycling.

“My motive for cycling is that it mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepares me for my work. It keeps me clear headed and ready to go at a moments notice,” says Ramos. When call backs are unpredictable, scene locations are sporadic, and work days are between 12 to 14 hours, it makes sense that one would need to have a good amount of stamina and endurance to remain alert.

LuisCycling2Luckily for this intelligent fella, his healthy lifestyle began slowly budding as early as the 80’s when he’d ride his bike beyond the borders of his Bronx barrio just to expand his horizons. Well, as fate would have it, after cruising through Central Park one summer afternoon, he got the buzz, heard the call, and felt the roar! As a swarm of about 150 cyclists rode passed him, Ramos said to himself, I wanna ride with that pack. One year later, he did.

For over two decades now, Ramos has rode with the best. From riding alone to riding amongst world class athletes, the man you know behind the screen is extremely centered and balanced in the real world. And after joining forces with Gotham Toga Race Team and Innovation Bike Shop in NYC, he’s got his team mates to thank for pushing him towards the finish line. “When you have guys riding at 30 miles per hour yelling, Keep up man! Let’s go! They’re not worried about what Hollywood party I attended or what celebrity I worked with. They’re concerned with making the goal. And that keeps me humble. It keeps my perspective very clear.”

Six days a week, as long as it’s over 30 degrees (for this tropical native who prefers paradise weather) Ramos faithfully cycles from about 9:00AM to 1:00PM, carving out that four hour gap where most people know better not to call him. It does him good, because he’s a grounded man that reaps the full benefits of his acting career due to his healthy habits. “There’s something about a Dancer or an Athlete that goes hand in hand with an Actor because the energy that comes from it allows room for a little bit more edge, a little bit more power, and a little bit more umph to come through in their performance,” says Ramos.

Still not convinced? Ramos went on to mention the reasons behind the unfortunate death of the late, Heath Ledger, who played The Joker on the set of Bat Man: The Dark Knight and left a promising career at just 28 years old. As reporters had it, the Actor had literally worked himself to death while being on prescription drugs. Facts like these are why Ramos stresses the importance of getting enough rest so one can engage in activities such as cycling, dancing, or any other kind of exercise that will increase ones vitality instead of getting burnt out before their time.

LuisCyclingRamos is not a party animal. In fact, when celebrating the new year’s countdown, he often reflects on inner growth and progress by writing in his journal instead of going to a club – during the mother of all fiestas! He likes to eat well, although he stays true to his cultural roots, savoring mouth watering meats with rice & beans to get his proteins in, and he’s not a heavy drinker nor is he a smoker. The man is a dedicated Actor & Athlete who also enjoys Yoga and Martial Arts as a part of his success regimen. Now as we bring this segment to an end, Luis Antonio Ramos would tell you himself, “Catch me if you can!”

To learn more about Luis Antonio Ramos, please visit his blog or look for his new featured roles in the upcoming films, The Miracle of Spanish Harlem Directed by Derek Partridge, GWB (George Washington Bridge) Directed by Jonathan Ullman and Repatriate – scheduled to be released soon. 


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